A One Man Illusion for your show...

Owned and recommended by Jeff McBride, Franz Harrary and Hans Klok.


Product Details

  • Rechargeable battery and remote control fob transmitter
  • Use any volunteer from the audience
  • Adult and children volunteers can “Go up up and away”
  • Comes with Pro ATA case for travel
  • Fits in backseat of any car
  • Holds over 200 lbs
  • Will replace and surpass the standard Chair and Carpet Suspension
*The fee for the illusion a Pre-Sale price of

Plus shipping (Around $75 in USA)

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About John Pizzi

John Pizzi is a full time Magician, comedian and Ventriloquist celebrating 25 years in the entertainment business. John has a love for the art of magic since childhood and loves to create, collaborate, and ponder on new effects for the business of shows. More can be seen on John here...



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